Hai Psy!!!
We are a growing startup that have an ambitious dream to make psychological issues as a significant matter for everyone and we want to promote mental awareness in Indonesia with through our works. We are so delighted to invite you guys to participate in achieving the dream together.

If you have opinions or articles regarding psychological issues based on research and you want to share them to a lot of people, we are so happy to announce that you can post them on our website, with requirements as follow:

  1. Articles written between 300-800 words (including spaces, but not including references) We love short articles, Psy!
  2. Written in popular style (because we are millennials). Don’t write a typical journals style, but make sure your articles have one or more research references.
  3. It could be a tips-or-trick articles like “lifehack” or “psychology today” articles.
  4. Don’t forget your citation and put in on your reference. Because we need to honor the author!
  5. Written in Bahasa Indonesia.

You can send them to our email office@haisobat.id

Happy writing!

If you guys need article examples, you can visit http://haisobat.id/.

P.S. We have a belief that HAPPINES IS FOR EVERYONE.. So make sure that your writings spread positive messages for everyone #Psikologipastibisa


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